About Us: Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Raj (she/her), Creator and founder of Body Medicine.

I’m a Qualified Holistic Nutritionist (BHSc), Yoga Teacher, Teacher at The Class and major ocean and potato enthusiast. A former flight attendant and booze-hound-party-fiend, I decided to throw in the towel from a lifestyle that wasn’t serving me to study nutrition at 27 years of age. A scary but incredibly rewarding leap of faith.

I whisked off to Byron Bay to do my initial 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the midst of my studies and on graduating, I bought a one way ticket to NYC and landed opportunities I could only have dreamed about. My first job in NY was a Research and Development Assistant Chef at Sakara Life.

This role gave me a front row seat into commercial kitchen life and I spent my days creating and testing vegan dishes from a superfood-packed, thriving kitchen in Brooklyn, NY.

My one way ticket had a 12 month expiry date and I was due to head home when I stumbled across Taryn Toomey’s Wednesday night class in Manhattan, it was in this class that the trajectory of my future took a steep turn. I was beyond moved by Taryn’s method and inquired about an upcoming Teacher Training, freakishly I landed an audition for the next week and even more miraculously was selected to be part of the Training. After successfully completing the rigorous course, I joined the Tribeca Studio’s opening team and spent the next 4 years of my life deepening my relationship with movement under the guidance of Taryn and her team, I helped facilitate international retreats, taught at events, spent summers in the Hamptons at The Class’ summer studio and basically indulged in a major learning curve that shaped the teacher (and student) that I am today.

Alongside The Class, I also taught for and helped facilitate teacher trainings for Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee at their NYC Studio: Yoga Shanti.

In 2018 I had a chance encounter with a total legend named Amanda Carney and she brought me on to work as a Health Coach for Functional Medicine Doctor, Frank Lipman at his private practice in Manhattan. Amanda then went on to become The Director of Health Coaching at The Well in NYC and brought me across with her to work as a Health Coach at their stunning space in Union Square.

I had the privilege of learning from and working alongside some of NYC’s best Integrative Practitioners including Dr Frank Lipman, Aimee Raupp, Lia Avelino, (to name a few) and some of the best team mates I could have wished for.

When Covid hit I journeyed home after riding out the lockdown for 9 months in NYC.

I have been fortunate enough to continue teaching for The Class from a studio we set up here in Sydney, as well as joining their Cleanse program as a Nutrition Coach, I also continue my work as a Health Coach with The Well. Who knows what the future holds but as I monitor the conditions of the world from Sydney, I have set myself up in Bondi Beach and poured my heart and soul into creating Body Medicine as a way to offer all my knowledge from the two modalities that I feel most passionate about: Nutrition and Movement. I’ve piled all my learnings from studying, working with 100’s of clients one-on-one both digitally and IRL, my early days developing recipes in the beautiful Sakara Life kitchen and finally hearing from YOU what you are needing in this space.

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I hope it fulfills you and provides you with a variety of tools you can apply to your day to day life as you uncover the crux of what your wildly unique, perfectly, imperfect body is requesting of you!

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