What style of movement do you offer?

We have 3 signature classes as well as a section devoted to meditation. Each class typically reflects a fusion of yoga, mat pilates, (sometimes) cardio, body weight, and always breath awareness. Classes range in pace determined by whichever level your mood is seeking for any specific day. We offer Pause, Chill, Flow and Burn options. Each one targeted to access a specific arm off your nervous system.

What class should is best suited for beginners?

All classes are suitable for all levels. There will be clear cues to take a specific movement further if you are feeling up to it but all poses will start in the most simplest iteration of the movement to meet all levels.

Do movement classes require props?

No props required, however we do discuss props that you can pepper in should you feel called to.

How long are classes?

We offer classes that run for 15, 30, 45 or 60 mins from all 4 categories and encourage you to mix and match as you need.

Is the movement practice suitable for pre and postnatal?

If you have been given the green light to exercise by a health professional and you are not within a high risk category, YES!


Q: What are the sign up dates for Cohort 1?


A: We will open the virtual doors to sign up for for Cohort 1 from Mar 22nd (NYC) // Mar 23rd (SYD) and registration will close EOD Sun Apr 03rd NYC // Mon Apr 04th SYD.

Q: What time will the Zoom calls be held?

A: + Mon 04th Apr 6p (NYC) // Tues 05th Apr 8a (SYD) + Mon 18th Apr 6p (NYC) // Tues 19th Apr 8a (SYD) + Mon 02nd May 6p (NYC) // Tues 03rd May 8a (SYD) + Mon 17th May 6p (NYC) // Tues 18th May 8a (SYD) + Mon 30th May 6p (NYC) // Tues 31st May 8a (SYD) + Mon 13th May 6p (NYC) // Wed 14th May 8a (SYD)

How long is the all-inclusive program and what is included?

Our all-inclusive program runs for 12 weeks.
When it happens to coincide with major holidays, we will take time off. YES!

Included in the Revel in Your Rebel package is access to:
+ The Body Medicine movement library for 6 months (from program start date)
+ The Body Medicine approved breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes (over 30 recipes)
+ The Body Medicine pantry guide & nutrient glossary
+ A Zoom every second week w/ fellow program participants and your Body Medicine practitioner 
+ Access to the Body Medicine Private Facebook page
+ New movement class added each week time off. YES!

Are there meal plans included in the all-inclusive program?

We have not included meal plans on purpose - This is a big portion of what we will focus on though.
We believe meal plans disconnect individuals from the present moment. Instead, we educate our members to sharpen their ability to access their needs in any given moment and to respond to that specific state as opposed to a prescriptive meal plan that voids the present moment. 

We offer lots of guidance in this department and aim to empower our members to take the reins in their process. 
We do offer a weekly blueprint where we teach you how to fill in according to where you are at.


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the program, we do not offer refunds. However - if you are experiencing issues with our offering, feel free to reach out to us to discuss: [email protected]