Movement Categories


A more intense burst of yoga, mat pilates and cardio. Burn classes are designed to have you sweating. 


Dynamic and functional sequences intentionally challenge you physically and mentally. While these classes begin with a bang, there will be allocated time at the end to ensure you have safely cooled down.


You will emerge invigorated in every sense!


Dancing between shapes and lighting up the breath. These flow classes will spark your heart rate, encourage blood flow and create a space for you to practice the art of moving meditation.

Sequences will vary and will typically include a
fusion of yoga and mat pilates. Get ready to move 
with fluidity.


Slower, more intentional breathwork coupled with deep stretching and longer, restorative shapes.

These are sealed off with an extended period of rest to support the integration of calm into your nervous system to bring you into a relaxed parasympathetic state.

Even that fiery rebel spirit needs to rest too!


A variety of meditations for when you need to simply be still and breathe. These classes provide an access point to the parasympathetic

This is an autonomic (meaning responsible for regulating your body's unconscious actions) arm of your nervous system that cultivates rest, ease and calm. Go on, inhale, exhale, unwind…



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