How To Find Your Way

By BB Arrington

Curiosity Counseled the Cat.

The myriad of nutrition, fitness, and wellness options and advice can be absolutely overwhelming. We all want more or less the same thing– increased vitality.

Knowing and respecting that every individual is unique in their makeup and there is no one size fits all, requires a genuine curiosity and exploratory mind set.
Here are 5 questions to help you find the best health options for you.

What would I like to welcome into my life?: 

Are you seeking more energy? More vitality? The ability to climb up your stairs without getting winded? To conceive? By first identifying what you want to add into your life, you set a target which enables you to start creating a plan.

Why is this change important to me?:

Change is hard, or we would all be exactly who we wanted to be and have the “perfect” life. By uncovering your why, you’ll have a North Star to guide you when motivation wanes and obstacles stand in your way. 

Can I let go of my ego, rid myself of ideology, come with a beginners mindset, and accept the facts?: :

Food and fitness can be so tribal– We want to belong to something, title it, feel that we are a part of a movement. If you can allow yourself to be honestly affected by experience instead of ideology, you open yourself up to innumerable possibilities. E.g. don’t worry about going Paleo, eat the foods you are drawn to and keep a journal about how you feel. Do these new feelings align with what you are set on welcoming into your life? Be set on the outcome, not how you get there.

Do I have the support system I need to blossom?:

Sometimes it’s a friend who makes sure you show up to the farmers’ market on Tuesday or a hired member you have bi weekly check-ins with. Know that your chances of successfully making a change are greater when you have support and encouragement. With that being said, are there naysayers and Negative Nellies who either make excuses for you (they’re trying to be supportive, but it’s not holding you accountable) or don’t care if you succeed or fail? Make sure you know how to separate yourself from that energy. 

Do I understand at a biological/ physiological level why my body is responding in this way?

This can really steer you in the right direction. The most common mistake I see nutrition and fitness clients make is to make a choice and not understand the why behind it. Let me give you two examples: I had a fitness client tell me that he couldn't deadlift because it always hurt his back.  After watching a couple reps, I made 2 simple technical adjustments and his pain was no longer an issue. I had a nutrition client who said she couldn't eat meat because it upset her stomach. After testing and analysis, she had very low stomach acid which was spurred on by a bacteria in her stomach.  After eradication and healing, she could eat whatever she fancied. Digging into the whys of the body is paramount what you feel there are obstacles in your way. Yes, sometimes you will need professional, personal help, but making sure you take the time to ask the questions will abridge the transitional time. 

Healing and health begins at the intersection of curiosity and will. 



BB Arrington


she / her


Holistic Nutritionist (BHSc)


Philadelphia, USA


Fav Health Hack:

Drink your liquids away from meals for better digestion 





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