Pantry Guide

An ever-growing compilation of our favorite pantry items to add to your kitchen essentials. We included some guidelines as well as some tried-and-tested USA and AUS based brands we recommend. A well-stocked fridge and pantry makes for deliciously nourishing food choices.


+ Pasta Sauce – Check for added sugar Mutti
+ Coconut milk US - Pacific Foods Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut milk
+ Almond milk - Nutty Bruce,
+ Greek yogurt: Opt for organic, full-fat, unsweetened, grass-fed - Stonyfield, Eat Organic, Barambah
+ Sauerkraut - Peace, Love and Vegetables, Cleveland Kraut, Hawthorne Valley
+ Butter: Opt for organic, full-fat, grass-fed - Ploughgate Creamery, Pepesaya
+ Olive oil Brightland, Frankie’s 457, Mount Zero
+ Coconut oil: Opt for extra virgin and raw - Dr Bronner’s
+ Spices - Simply Organic
+ Cheese: Opt for organic, full-fat, grass-fed - Barambah
+ Apple Cider Vinegar: Dr Bronner’s
+ Coconut sugar
+ Coconut aminos
+ Nutritional yeast - Dr Bronner’s
+ Protein Powder – Ancient Nutrition, PurePaleo Protein, Theresa Cutter,
+ Salts - Himalayan pink salt, smoked salt
+ Herbal teas -Traditional Medicinals, Bonvit , InnerBloom Tea for cycle support
+ Coconut wraps
+ Nori Sheets
+ Pasta – Opt for gluten-free, minimal ingredients and experiment with chickpea ,rice, amaranth, lentil pastas etc
+ Bone broth  - Brodo
+ Tinned salmon – Anything wild-caught
+ Vanilla bean paste – Anything with no added sugar
+ Avocado oil – Best for cooking on high heat
+ Ghee – Fourth and Heart

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