Raj Barker

Be Well Your Way

Between fad diets spruked by social media influencers, tricky marketing tactics and complicated food labelling laws, health can be a particularly confusing field to navigate these days. Should we try keto, paleo, vegan or carnivore diets? Do we need to stock our fridges with probiotics, or drink bone broth for breakfast? And what's the deal with ice baths and breathwork?

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First Aid Foods

Whether it’s coming up to winter in your part of the world or you’ve become more conscious about your immune health in recent years, there’s plenty of ways to make sure that you’re giving your body’s natural defence system the best fighting chance. Nourish your body and immune system with the foods that you eat every day.

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Reiki as a Practice of Self-Love

Before we dive any further, let’s do a quick review on what Reiki is. According to William Rand’s book Reiki: The Healing Touch, “Rei” means Universal/spiritual consciousness/spiritual wisdom, and “Ki” is similar to prana or chi which means life force. Reiki means Universal life force, and it is a form of energy healing modality that was founded in Japan in the early 1920s.

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